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Great travel gift idea
Most women travellers usually carry a few small packets of tissues in their purse or backpack to use as emergency toilet paper. So, here's a lovely gift idea. If you're traveling in Mexico, look for something they call a kleenera (i.e.Kleenex), a cloth case just the right size to fit one of those tissue packets into. I bought one with lovely embroidery in Queretaro and another with fabulously colored weaving in San Cristobal de las Casas.
Louise Lander, New York, USA

Pack Light When You Visit Bali
I lived in Bali, Indonesia for a summer and brought a suitcase full of clothes. However, I ended up wearing only a few nice t-shirts with the local skirt (sarong)which makes sense considering the country’s squat potties. Most of the time I wore those rubber sandal flip flops. I found them very practical.
Hope, Croat

Female Guides in Nepal
I completed the Annapurna Sanctuary trek with a brilliant woman called Dickie from the Chhetri Sisters trekking company in Pokhara. She was a great companion and really an excellent support, both morally, and physically. This company also runs a really friendly guest house in Pokhara and I would certainly recommend both the hostel and their trekking services. For those who can't afford a guide, Chhetri Sisters provide female porters, so that women travelling alone don't have to worry about a thing. Tel: 977 061 24066 E-mail: If anyone wants to hear more, I will be back in England soon and will be happy to network about my experiences!
Ruth R., London, England
Ed. note: To network with Ruth, please click here:

Female-friendly B&B in Cozumel
When I travelled to Cozumel this winter I tried a bed and breakfast instead of a hotel. It was excellent; the woman who owns it was able to give me tips on what to see and do on the island. She also made arrangements for me for a moped rental and scuba diving. Tamarind offered me fine service at an economical price. You can find them on the internet at:
I.M. Secrett, Winnipeg, Canada

Why Didn't We Think of This?
This tip is short but very sweet....If you're going to Asia and don't think you can manage chopsticks, don’t worry about it. Just bring loads of disposable plastic forks with you. It will save you a bunch of trouble.
Cheryl P, Kennewick, USA

Mixing Pleasure With Business Travel
During a recent business trip to London, I wanted to get the most out of the wonderful art museums the city has to offer—but didn't have the luxury of wandering through them for days. A friend recommended Harrington & Healing—Art Historians. They coordinated a personalized tour for me and a client. Our tour on “Women & Power” took us through the 15th-19th centuries at the National Gallery. I found the tour most informative and recommend this company for corporate entertaining. They have themed tours to choose from and will also personalize your group or private tours. You can contact Harrington & Healing via e-mail at: or by phone at: 44-171-978-4593.
Jennifer C., Chicago, USA

Yet Another Use for Duct Tape
I can't claim credit for this advice -- it was brought up during an overseas internship program I participated in. They told us to duct tape an emergency stash of money to the inside of our clothing (pants, skirt, whatever) so that if we were mugged we wouldn't be left completely without resources. This just struck me as a brilliant idea so I thought I would pass it along.
Shawn Phelps, Mississauga, Canada

Dress Dark in Tanzania
I travelled in Kenya and Tanzania on a safari trip. It was really hot and very dusty and in some parts pretty humid. Don't do what I did and wear white. White gets very dirty very quickly and never looks that white again. Stick to natural fabrics (cotton) and neutral colours to hide the grime. T-shirts and shorts are good. If you take extra t-shirts - particularly with good designs on them, you’ll have fun bartering them for some fantastic local handicrafts.
Mandy, Sydney, Australia

Two terrific tips -- Dublin, Ireland
I found McMenamins bed and breakfast listed on the Journeywoman website and chose it as my Dublin "home base" for a week and a half. Marie and Pauric are terrific hosts, the room was comfortable and the breakfasts satisfying. My only caveat was the rather optimistic suggestion that it was a ten minute walk from Stephen's Green. It took me twenty, and I'm in good shape.

Marie and Pauric told me about the Wild Wicklow Bus Tour that goes into the Wicklow Mountains. I defy any other company to deliver the same amount of "craic" (atmosphere) as Wild Wicklow does. Their bus is small and the itinerary is perfect. I marvelled at just how much Denis the Driver loves his work, and how he created a perfect day for all of us. Marie and Pauric can provide you with the tour company's phone number. The cost was 22 Irish punts. Denis picks up the day's victims around 9:30 AM. and finishes around 5:00 PM.
Catharine Saxberg, Toronto, Canada
Ed. note: You can reach the McMennamins at Tel/fax:+353-1-4974405 or email Make sure to tell them Journeywoman sent you. I stayed at this B&B as well and the owners are two of my favorite people.

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