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Twelve Ways to Trick Thieves As You Travel
protecting your valuables on the road

Evelyn Hannon

Number 1

Avoid becoming a prime target for thieves. Choose your travel wardrobe carefully, eliminating bright colors and fancy jewelry. The smart woman traveller wants to remain as inconspicuous as possible. crook
Number 2 Be vigilant at airport check-ins and at train and bus stations. Always keep your luggage in front of you where you can see it at all times.
Number 3 Carrying a computer? Don't send it through x-ray security check until you're ready to go through yourself. Scam artists work in teams. The man in front of you holds the line up by deliberately leaving change in his pocket and setting off the metal detector. While you're waiting to go through, his partner is picking "your" computer off the conveyor belt.
Number 4 Always carry a light scarf in your bag. It's perfect for tying your camera bag or your computer to your luggage cart. Imagine a thief's surprise when he tries to "snatch and run."
Number 5 The ideal travel handbag has an inner zippered compartment and is only big enough to carry a bit of money and a few essentials. It should also have a long shoulder strap that's thick enough not to be easily cut. Wear the strap across your body with the purse in front, against your stomach. Get used to keeping a hand on your bag at all times. With that kind of body language, pickpockets will not even bother to come near you!
Number 6 However, if someone tries to mug you, avoid harm by giving your purse up immediately.'ll be carrying your real valuables-- your extra cash, credit cards, travellers cheques and bank cards under your clothes, next to your body in a cotton money belt.
Number 7 And, if you're uncomfortable with a money belt, consider a women's unique half slip called "Hidden Assets" which has three secret pockets sewn into the hem. It's ideal for carrying your valuables! To order call: (212) 439-0693
Number 8 Always double lock your hotel room door. And, if you can't do this where you're staying, then never leave your valuables unattended. It's no effort to bring your purse or moneybelt into the bathroom when you're showering. This way you know they're safe.
Number 9 Keep your alcohol consumption down when you're out and about. If you don't have your wits about you, you become a vulnerable target or... you might even leave your credit card behind at a restaurant and not know it's gone until you're in the next town.
Number 10 Ninety-nine per cent of the people who offer a traveller food or drink are simply being kind. Be very wary of the remaing 1%. Drugging is always a possibility and you could wake up to find all your money and credit cards gone.
Number 11 Never, never count your money in public. This is an open invitation to be robbed.
Number 12 Want to fool thieves completely? At your destination, buy something at the local grocers. Then use their plastic bag to carry your wallet and your camera. No one will never guess that you're toting money and a Kodak rather than milk and cucumbers!

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