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I met up with an Australian woman from Perth on HERmail and [since] we've each visited each other's homes. Now I am hoping to travel in Peru and Bolivia and am looking for women friends in these countries. I think you offer a wonderful service to link women travellers.
Marie in Belfast

In 2000 I travelled to South Africa to speak at the Global Summit of Women Conference in Johannesburg. Prior to my trip I contacted and was put in touch with a wonderful woman named Marcia. Marcia provided me with a ton of useful information on her city, answered my questions concerning personal safety, and even met with me once I was there and showed me her city from an insider's perspective. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service. P.S. I have been a fan ever since I discovered your site several years ago and am constantly recommending it to my friends and colleagues. Keep up the great work.
Anne, Toronto, Canada

After e-mailing back and forth a few times from Montreal to Australia, my travelling pal and I connected with a Sydney local,whom I met through JW. We got together when she kindly picked us up at our hotel with her car (which by the way was not close to her neighbourhood) and gave us a tour of places that a tourist would normally not get to. Her friendly face and cheerful personality made the day extra special. Thank you Journeywoman!
Thea, Montreal, Canada

Through a Canadian woman and I are in contact about her daughter's coming to Japan. Thank you so much for your help.
Carson in Japan

Through HERmail I contacted Teena in Sydney and we met for lunch when I was there. I will be keeping contact with her and we will probably meet each time I visit Sydney - usually once or twice a year.
Lilian, Hong Kong

I'm having lunch with a JW from Hong Kong tomorrow, and one from Italy will be here in Feb sometime - HERmail is the catalyst bringing women together around the world!
Teena, Sydney, Australia

Through HERmail I had replied to an American lady regarding some queries on Bangalore, India and last week I spent 2 days with her, we went shopping, lunching and sightseeing, it was a wonderful experience. We exchanged so many notes about American and Indian culture. It was just great!! This is the second lady I am meeting through HERmail. Thanks.
Surekha, India

I contacted a lovely woman in Paris who was very helpful. Thank you so much. What a GREAT web-site!
Shirlee, USA

Just wanted to let you know how great my HERmail contact turned out to be. I visited Shanghai last week (part business, part pleasure) and the woman you paired me up with there was not only helpful, but friendly, and our getting together led to a business relationship too. She is writing about me and our group in her magazine. Thank you.
Diana, Toronto, Canada

Thank-you for your terriffic service. I received information from a lady in Malaysia that no book or even the internet could help me with. It was specific, and relevant to me, and where I was going.
Lisa, Gold Coast, Australia

When I asked for help regarding my trip to Mexico, I got a response from a woman who runs Las Campanas, cooking classes and tours in Cuernavaca. She helped me find a place to stay, showed me around a bit when I got there and I even hired her to take me into Mexico City to do some research I am involved in. Thank you, HERmail!
Erica, Minneapolis, USA

While planning our trip to England, I made contact with someone from Hermail who answered a question for me. We met her in England, and now look forward to her visit next year. Journeywoman brings more than information to us, it also brings new friends! Thank You.
Diana S, Victoria, Canada

You have a great service here!  I contacted a lady in Halifax and was even able to meet her.  The lady and her husband picked us up from the railway station and very generously took us to see some sights. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you for
Cassandra B., Adelaide, Australia

HerMail is a boon to women travellers. Before my trip to Santa Fe I used your directory to reach a kindred travelling spirit in that city and she sent me great tips about where to go, where to dine, what to see and what to purchase where. Thanks for a wonderful service. I'm so glad I tried it!
Lynda, Montreal, Canada

I live in Thailand and have heard from two women, via, asking for information about traveling in this country. An enjoyable connection!
Tameer Barnslee, Koh Samui, Thailand

This is to inform you that you have such a wonderful site. I happened to respond to one of the queries about India to Carla King through Journeywoman and, (Carla is a San Francisco based technical and travel writer more so known as the Motorcycle Girl)and yesterday she landed in Bangalore and we went out for lunch and hit it off very well and today she was at my house fora couple of hours along with NDTV/BBC TV Crew who are making a film on her regarding Internet technology and Women in India. Thank you Journeywoman and for adding one more friend to my list.
Surekha, Bangalore, India is largely reponsible for some key contacts I have with Indian women, via their website! Meeting one of them tonight. Can't wait!
Carla King, on motorcycle across India

Thought I would congratulate you on It's such a good idea.
Sharon, London, England

While on a journey through Europe, I ended up staying with a woman in Stockholm that I met through We really connected and had a great time on our impromptu photo safaris through the city. I love the site.
Wendy K, New Jersey, USA

Hermail net is extremely useful. I received even more help than I expected. Thanks a lot.
Katerina from Greece

I've found this service very useful for when I travelled to Lebanon recently. It's great that you gals set it up!
Nessa in Dublin, Ireland

On my last trip, an extra added treat were the two evenings that I spent in Cairo on my way to Tanzania with a woman I met through Journeywoman. We had dinner one night, and went out with another woman friend of hers on a faluca the next evening. My thanks !
Sylvia in Canada

So glad to have a great "Woman" site such as this to exchange ideas.
Cynthia, New York, USA.

Through I met a Canadian living in Moscow. Although we missed each other when I was in Moscow (my ship was many hours delayed due to fog), I was able two days later to meet the Canadian's friend - in downtown Helsinki. It was nice to get a historic tour of that lovely city from a local Fin.
Vera, Toronto, Canada

What a great service is! I've already had a woman from Portugal return an email to me and I just sent her one last night at 1 AM. I've got 6 other countries that I'll be visiting and I've sent off messages to most of those places, with more to go tonight. I found you through the Rick Steve's Europe Through the Back Door site where a woman mentioned on the graffiti wall.
Rebecca, Seattle, Washington

I was a bit nervous about travelling to Beijing by myself. Now, through HERmail, I have someone to meet there who has the same professional background that I have.
Jacqueline Landau, Singapore

I needed information about Holland. My Dutch contact gave me a list of hotels and found me some B&B's, something I couldn't get from travel books, the tourist office, hotel reservation pages, or even a general net search. I only hope I can be of some assistance to another Journeywoman.
Mara Warner, Chicago, USA

A line of thanks for creating HERmail. This connection offers encouragement and sparks new ideas on "how to" and "where to" travel as a single woman.
Lee Allen, Charleston, USA

Before visiting Seattle I wrote to a woman living near there. She was very lovely and suggested several dining establishments for me. Your HERmail service is much appreciated.
Joyce Bolt, Vista, California, USA

When my three year old daughter and I travelled to Scotland, my contact was at the airport and she went out of her way to help us feel welcome and find our jetlagged feet.
Annette in Australia

HERmail is a good service and I enjoy answering women's travel questions from my home in Central America.
Maria, La Antigua, Guatemala

My connection picked me up at the Istanbul airport and took me home to meet her family. It was great!
Vera, Toronto, Canada

Karen and I now e-mail each other on a regular basis. Thank you,
Teena, Sydney, Australia

I'm very excited about having made a connection with an Italian woman through HER