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Jerusalem, City Of Gold

Israel Tourist Information: an alternative travel guide

Travelterrific: is a new online travel magazine specializing in stories and photographs featuring international destinations and provocative journeys. Definitely worth a look!

Tel Aviv Insider - From hotels and restaurants to the best beaches in town, everything you need to know about Tel Aviv, Israel Two women (a journalist and a photographer) chronicle their visits with fabulous women round the world

Bootsnall A resource for independent travellers

Her Own Way: Advice for the Woman Traveller

The U.S. State Department Bureau of Foreign Affairs

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Travel & Resource Guide: Spanish Schools, Hotels, Newsletters, Discussion Board & Tourist Information.

Romantic Manhattan: Custom-designed tours of New York City from 2 to 200! camera

Backpacker Essentials: An Aussie independent travellers magazine

Fabulous Australia:Travel Tips and much more!



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention




Dame Juliana Anglers:Women's flyfishing club

The CyberMom Dot Com A home on the net for moms with modems!

Amazone: The Belgian Conference and meeting centre for equal opportunities for men and women.

Herspace: The network for the evolving woman

The Entrepreneurial Parent: a community and career resource for parents looking for ways to balance work and family on their own terms.

Wybernetz: Great links to Women's sites

brush Something for every woman!

Fun stuff to Read

book The Globe and Mail

USA Today

The Wall Street Journal

National Geographic

newspaper Financial Times


Japan Times


dollar Info re: subscription to a unique newsletter containing worldwide housesitting opportunities

The Universal Currency Converter

Learn to say it in another language

Critical Mass is an information resource guide for Internet travelers.

Job hunting overseas

Subways of the World: Links to World Subway and other Transportation Information Resources.

At Hand Network Yellow Pages: Search online for anything.

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