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SPEAK THE LOCAL LINGO! Get the LINGOCARD™ - the world's smallest translation tool! Only the size of a credit card, every card contains over 80 essential words and phrases. Now available in: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Japanese. Available at Chapters/Indigo. An exclusive product of Travel Language Concepts Inc. E-mail:; tel.: (613) 791-9150; or order directly on our website: (September 4, 2004)

SHE LEARNS TO SPEAK FRENCH Travelling to the province of Quebec, to France or to other French speaking countries? Discover the secrets of speaking French like a native, starting with your very first lesson. Visit French K.I.S.S. - The fun and easy way to learn French. A Canadian innovation!! French K.I.S.S. stands for (Keep It Simple, S'il vous plaît ) Website: (May 17, 2004)

DON'T LOSE YOUR LUGGAGE Easily identify your luggage with THE STRAP. THE STRAP wraps around your suitcase with your name woven in. THE STRAP, 1 1/4 inches wide, 66 inches long, with a security buckle, white letters on a blue background, red edges. The new black strap is a rigid fabric, white letters. Cost: $16.95 + S & H. Great Bon Voyage gift, too. For Information: Telephone: 888-307-8727 Online: E-Mail: (May 4, 2004)

NEVER BUY OR PACK TAMPONS/PADS AGAIN? "The DivaCup" Menstrual Solution is an ingenious, silicone (latex-free), bell-shaped cup that is worn internally. Extremely comfortable, reliable, sanitary, practical & easy to use. Reusable for years. Safe to wear overnight. Great for all sports, swimming, travelling, etc. FDA & Health Canada compliant. One year guarantee. We ship worldwide. Don't leave home without your "DivaCup". 1-866-444-3482 (November 27, 2003X)

Packed strapped & ready to roam....HIP POCKETS™ Are you looking for that missing link between clothing and luggage? Look no more! Have we got the fashion accessory for you!...pockets everywhere for stashing your "stuff" with style (even has a zippered backpack pocket)! Visit us at and give us a call: (802) 296-6646. E-mail: (August 2, 2003)

BELTOUTLET.COM PROTECTS YOUR VALUABLES We offer a large selection of travel supplies and security items. Many styles of money belts, including waist and neck pouches, bra stashes, arm and leg wallets. Also featured are Tilley's famous Travel Socks and Under Briefs that dry overnight, pocket size language translator books, passport covers, eye shades, neck rests, travel laundry supplies, locks, fanny packs and more. Visit now or email (July 29, 3003)

POCKETS IN OUR CLOTHING KEEP YOUR VALUABLES SAFE SAF-T-POCKETS. Travelwear Patterns focus on a safe way to dress but with comfort and style. Each garment has multiple secure hidden pockets for carrying life's essentials. Sized from XS-3XL. Don't sew? Visit our site to find a dressmaker in your area plus take a look at our roller totes and travel accessories. Phone: 503-761-6460 Website: Email: (February 17, 2003)

THAILAND Nancy Chandler's Maps of Bangkok and Chiang Mai are unique guides to shopping, dining and sightseeing, including lots of local secrets. Tailor your visit with her detailed market maps, listings including shops supporting good causes, places to go jogging, dining for the sweet tooth, and much more. Available worldwide for US$ 9.95 each. Contact

Silk Longjohns the most important 4.2 ounces of clothing you will ever pack. That's because silk provides a combination of comfort, freedom and warmth like no other fabric. And when it comes to silk undergarments, nobody does it better than SilkJohns. Our affordable line of tops and bottoms are available in black, white or print in both men's and women's sizes. Order now, refer to this JW ad, and we'll hand you a pair of Silk Glove liners for every two items you purchase, absolutely Free! Buy four or more items and we'll waive the shipping charges to U.S. and Canada. Visit SilkJohns online at or call us toll free: 1-800-346-8446.

View A Video Before You Go Be sure you don't miss anything when you reach your destination! Widest selection of travel videos on the Net! Great prices, secure server. Prepare for your dream vacation at (01/10/99)

American Passport Express US passports expedited in 24 hours. Download passport forms. General passport information available. Visit http://www.

Tropical Resort Wearable Art Need something gorgeous to pack into the tiniest space in your suitcase for that visit to Paradise? As well as your versatile travel clothes you might need something stunning to wear to dinner or cocktails, a sheer flowing coat, shirt, sarong or overblouse in handpainted silk chiffon. Your perfect colours and styles can be found at

Travel Alone & Love It; A Flight Attendant's Guide To Solo Travel Author Sharon B. Wingler, a flight attendant with decades of travel experience, tells you how to see the world on your own -- safely, economically and with the travel savvy of a pro. You will meet people more easily, learn more about the places you visit and have total freedom to do as you please. $14.95 in bookstores and

Europe the easy way! Tired of traffic, noise? Find gentler, friendlier, safer Europe...outside the big cities. Honest NEW VIDEOGUIDES...don't think Europe without 'em! Drowning in travel choices? Too many guidebooks? Make destination planning simple, fun. British Isles. Germany/Austria. France/Holland. Coming: Italy. Feature-length..$29.95 U.S. Ask for JOURNEYWOMAN discount! Credit cards, US Checks/Money Orders only. Call 1-800-868-1188.

The Caymen Islands: The Beach and Beyond
. Island discovery guidebook for walkers, hikers, runners, bikers, kyakers, naturalists, other outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travellers. (US)$19.95 in the US and Canada. Write Cuchipanda, Box 323-JW, Peapack, NJ 07977. Tel: 908-234-1948.

Walkabout Travel Gear. We're not glossy but neither is the way we travel. Specializing in supplying the independent traveller. We're also experts on foreign electricity and using your computer overseas. Visit our website at or call for a free catalog 1-800-852-7085.

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