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Female-Friendly Fashion

SAF-T-POCKETS Travelwear Patterns are designed for comfort and style. Each garment has many secure hidden pockets for carrying things you value. There are nine styles to choose from sized XS-3XL. Visit our site for a great selection of travel accessories, jewelry and sewing notions. Don't sew? See our link to find a dressmaker in your area. Phone: 503-761-6460 Website: Email: (March 18, 2004)

NEVER BUY OR PACK TAMPONS/PADS AGAIN? "The DivaCup" Menstrual Solution is an ingenious, silicone (latex-free), bell-shaped cup that is worn internally. Extremely comfortable, reliable, sanitary, practical & easy to use. Reusable for years. Safe to wear overnight. Great for all sports, swimming, travelling, etc. FDA & Health Canada compliant. One year guarantee. We ship worldwide. Don't leave home without your "DivaCup". 1-866-444-3482 (November 27, 2003X)

MACABI ADVENTURE TRAVEL SKIRT since 1992. No matter where you go, enjoy a world of possibilities with Macabi SkirtŪ. Look and feel well-dressed in city or countryside; Carry snacks, camera and bandana in DEEP side pockets; Protect valuables in the zippered security pocket; Adjust quickly to changes in weather or activity with Pant Clip and Wading Snaps™; Wash your Macabi in the sink--it dries in a jiffy. Order two Macabis and we'll ship for free to US and Canada. Order at, phone us toll free at 888-550-7540 or e-mail with questions. Reader's Review. (October 31, 2003)

SILK LONGJOHNS the most important 4.2 ounces of clothing you'll ever pack. That's because silk provides a combination of comfort, freedom and warmth like no other fabric. And when it comes to silk undergarments, nobody does it better than SilkJohns. Our affordable line of tops and bottoms are available in black or white in both men's and women's sizes. Check out our new fashion conscious scoop neck tops in fabulous Pointelle fabric. Buy four or more items in total and we'll waive the shipping charges to U.S. and Canada. Visit SilkJohns online at website: or call us toll free: 1-800-346-8446 (October 31, 2003)

PACK ONE BAG AND BE THERE With Linda Lundstrom's Sun Goddess Gear, a one to three week wardrobe fits into one carry-on bag. Using fabrics that block 80% of UV rays, Lundstr?m has created a travel wardrobe that is crushable, washable, easy-care, and a breeze to co-ordinate. What's more, the swimsuits double as elegant bodysuits - many styles accommodating mastectomy prostheses. Sizes 2-22. Website: E-mail:

Tropical Resort Wearable Art Need something gorgeous to pack into the tiniest space in your suitcase for that visit to Paradise? As well as your versatile travel clothes you might need something stunning to wear to dinner or cocktails, a sheer flowing coat, shirt, sarong or overblouse in handpainted silk chiffon. Your perfect colours and styles can be found at

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