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Evelyn Hannon

Why Berlin?

Because history is being made there now! When the Wall came down in mid-1990, Berlin became the largest city in Germany. Since then, it has been frantically preparing for the year 2000 when the Parliament will be moved here from Bonn making it the nation's capital. Subway stations are being renovated, museum collections from East and West are being amalgamated and new modern buildings are springing up everywhere. Reading a map becomes somewhat of a joke as streets and landmarks are changing before your very eyes. This is an exciting time to visit Berlin. It probably ranks next best to being there when the Wall came down.

For the woman travelling solo, I recommend big city caution. Watch your wallet, leave your jewellry at home, and check with your hotel concierge or B&B owner before choosing your evening fun. Take care not to venture into "questionable areas".

Berlin Walks

Because my visit to this intriguing city was so short, I sought out Berlin Walks, a company offering historically-based walking tours. With them, I was able to effortlessly see all the highlights, meet other single travellers, delve into Berlin's past and get juicy tidbits of female-centered tips from the company's tour leaders .

During the "Discover Berlin Tour", I found out how to use the transportation system and where to get half-price theater tickets. We were walked by the major federal buildings and museums. We paid silent tribute at Bebelplatz, site of the famous Nazi book burning. And, it was so very exciting to actually see Check Point Charlie (The Wall is no longer where it used to stand but a red line painted on the street marks where it once stood not so long ago).


The "Infamous Third Reich Sites Tour" gave participants a chilling glimpse of Berlin's darkest history --locations of the most important Nazi buildings were pointed out (including Gestapo headquarters and Hitler's bunker).

The walk called "Jewish Life in Berlin" led us deep into the heart of the pre-war Jewish community and allowed for a visit to the magnificent New Synagogue. As a bonus, several interesting ethnic restaurants were pointed out for those wanting to return on their own. At, each stop, we were treated to lively, interesting, well-researched background material.

These tours made all of my past history lessons come alive! The cost per walk was a (well-worth) DM 15. No prior booking needed and only one participant is required for any walk to take place. For further information, e-mail: berlinwalks@berlin.de

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